AC Biotech is a French biotech start-up company headquartered at the Villejuif Bio Park in Paris. The company pursues independent research and development activities and acts at the same time as the oncology competency and development centre for its sister company AC Bioscience SA


Founded by Professor Christian Auclair and Andreas Schläpfer in December 2016, the company is leading a paradigm shift in hypoxic cancer therapeutics.


The company’s primary focus is on clinical validation of its first-in-man angiogenic therapy in metastatic pancreatic cancer (mPAC) patients.



The Management consists of an experienced and well-balanced team with complimentary skill-sets

Andreas Schlaepfer, MEcon


Extensive experience in business strategy and global management, gained from over 30 years in senior executive positions at Nestle (including PDG Nestle France from 2001-2004)


Jean-François Dufour-Lamartinie MD

President of AC BioTech and Chief Medical Officer

Specializing in Oncology and Cancer Biology. Previously CMO at Hybrigenics and Head of Clinical Development at Bioalliance.


Prof. Christian Auclair

Co-Founder and CSO

An eminent expert in pharmacology, molecular oncology and innate immunity (PharmD, PhD). Emeritus professor. Advisor to public biotech company AB Science.


Dr. Manale Karam

Senior Scientific Officer - Oncology

Obtained a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular oncology from the University of Paris Sud/ENS Paris Saclay followed by an extensive research training at Harvard Medical School in cancer biology and therapeutics.


Denis Gicquel

Pharm D - CMC Manager

A highly experienced CMC expert previously Head of Pharmaceutical Development/CMC and Pharmaceutical Operations at AB Science.


Christine Evans

Legal and Compliance Advisor

A former General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for multinational corporate and private investment mandates. She holds Master's in Economics and Juris Doctorate, University of Denver.


Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board

The following world-renowned scientists and clinicians provide AC BioScience with an external scientific perspective and review of its R&D and clinical activities.

Jean Baptiste Bachet, PhD


Professor and Head of the digestive oncology unit in the Hepato-Gastroenterology department at Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière – Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris, Sorbonne Universités.

Patrick Couvreur, PhD


Member of the Academy of Sciences and Professor, Paris-Sud University / CNRS, pharmacist, specializing in medical nanotechnologies.

Jean-Pierre Kinet, MD


Former Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School and globally recognized expert in immunology.

Olivier Hermine, PhD


Professor of Hematology, Paris Descartes University, and Head of Hematology Department, Necker Children's Hospital, Paris

Marco Cuifolini, PhD


Former Professor and Head of Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.